The Commitment

We are committed to the next generation.

Landfill Free Recycling

Landfill Free Recycling

We recycle customer and company used laptops, parts, and electronics with landfill free facilities that care as much about the environment as we do.   From our parts and supply chain choices to our re-use of shipping boxes, we look for every possible way to reduce our impact, and provide logevity with every purchase we make.

B-Corp Standards

Built on Providing More Than Just Financial Value

We are currently looking to work with other Ohio businesses and Ohio lawmakers to pass the Ohio Benefit Corporation bill 545.  Being a Benefit Corporation requires high standards of treatment of customers, employees, the enviroment, corporate ethics, ownership, and public accountability.  What happens tomorrow matters, and it starts with our actions today.

Employees First - Employment with

Employees First

Without the employees, high-quality customer service, and the company itself, wouldn't exist.  You can trust in the service we provide because our employees are not only treated like family, but because they understand the importance of putting people first.

Highest Quality Parts

Highest Quality Parts

This is both a commitment to our customers and to the enviroment.  The longest lasting products mean the lowest lifetime cost to the customer, and the lowest instance of thrown away electronics.

We Prioritize a Hassle Free Process

We Prioritize a Hassle Free Process is the highest quality, premium service,  with a  focus on making your life easy.  We work based on what makes life easy for you, and providing the highest quality repairs, upgrades, and experience humanly possible.  This is about real human beings, and making your life better.

Highest Quality Repair Standards

Highest Quality Repair Standards

No bargain parts, no cutting corners.  We ensure that every part is tested both before and after it is installed in your laptop, every laptop is tested again before it leaves our shop, and every customer is informed throughout the process of any findings or changes that impact their laptop or wallet.

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