Reinventing Laptop Repair.  About Us and Our Story.

The Way Laptop Repair Should Be is a premium laptop repair service focused on what actually works for the customer. With a process in place designed for what makes customers happy, we care about making your life easy, not just fixing your laptop. We work tirelessly on laptops so you can work effortlessly on them. is The Way Laptop Repair Should Be.

15 got its start as Human I.T. Crew, performing local IT support services to businesses and consumers. Our laptop repair process was born out of the industry's challenge about  the hassle of laptop repairs. We saw a steady increase in the number of customers needing laptop repair, and very little infrastructure in place to help them. Existing services just didn't stack up to what customers needed. 

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Nobody was addressing this need. Existing repair companies didn't seem to care that the process didn't result in a happy customer. That just didn't make any sense.

2016 Milestone

2016,  and the laptop repair part of our business is taking off!  The need continues to grow, and we continue to improve our process for customers in both Cleveland, Ohio and in Washington D.C. It becomes clear that we need to focus on this need and change how the laptop repair industry works from the inside out. 

In Fall 2017, we launched officially as Focused entirely on PC laptop repair (Mac and Apple repair coming soon!), we shortened the process by weeks, added free shipping nation-wide, and do the entire process for one flat rate on labor. The customer is now the central focus of this process.

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